Advanced Fetal Monitoring Devices and Software

Our smart Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System uses patented technology to help hospitals and clinics provide better care for expectant mothers and their babies. By monitoring vital signs and other data remotely, it can help you identify potential problems early and you can provide the necessary support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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Digital Labor Monitoring Tool

Complete labor monitoring tool, includes WHO approved digital partograph and post-partum monitoring protocols.

Portable & Precise

A portable fetal ECG and uterine EMG based fetal-maternal heart rate uterine contraction monitoring device.

Remote Data Monitoring

Generates automated calculations for important labor scores like Robson’s Classification, Bishop’s Score, and APGAR Score.

Digital Case Sheet Generation

Get all patient-related data into a printable/shareable patient case sheet.

The Nurse’s Application

Generates live FHR, MHR, and UC graphs to get instant updates on the health of the patient and sends important notifications to avoid any complications.

Remote Access to Patient’s Data

The doctor can read reports and fill in doctor’s notes which will be displayed in the nurse application.

What Best Doctors Say About Janitri

Dr. Latha Venkatram

Senior Gynaecologist, Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Bangalore

“Keyar CM” is a path-breaking innovation which is very different from conventional CTGs available currently. It is very affordable, portable and easy to use and also provides real-time relay of the data with timely alerts and alarms.

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy N

Taluk Health Officer, Sidlaghatta Taluk, Chikallapur District.

Janitri's hospital software was of great help to all doctors, and staff nurses working in these hospitals, and even in absence of doctors, our staff nurses were able to identify the early danger signs of ANC and refer the patient for further follow-up in higher centers.

Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Singh

Chief Executive Officer, Wish foundation

The analyses are easily interpretable by a low-skilled health worker. Use of Keyar devices in primary healthcare settings at the last-mile in developing countries can substantially improve the quality of intrapartum fetal and maternal monitoring.

Dr. Mamta Gunawat

Unior Resident(JS), MCH Group Hospital, Sawai Madhopur

The hospital software by Janitri has helped in the timely management of the referrals that come from the peripheral centers. The doctors and the staff get the information before the patient comes to the hospital, and it helps in early preparation and early intervention.

Our Innovations have won
numerous Awards & Recognition

Winner of Falling Walls Labs 2016 India. Presented India in Falling walls conference 2016 Berlin, Germany


Winner '4th Commonwealth digital health Merit award' Maternal & Neonatal health category


Medical Awards Silver Winner


InsightSuccess- "The 10 Most Admired Medical Device Companies"


ASME iShow- "Top 8 innovators of ASME iShow 2017 India"


Qualcomm Top 15 in Qualcomm Design in India Challenge


Winner of The India Sweden Healthcare Innovation Challenge


12th IOT Innovation World Cup - Winner Healthcare category


Top 10 shortlisted project "A complete intrapartum and postpartum monitoring system" out of 20 countries

WDIP 2021

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What is Janitri: For Hospitals?

Janitri: For Hospitals is an end-to-end hospital pregnancy monitoring software designed to facilitate the monitoring of maternal vitals during the intrapartum and postpartum periods of labour. It assists healthcare professionals by sending timely reminders, ensuring comprehensive patient data capture, generating critical alerts, and notifying hospital staff.

Is fetal monitoring safe during pregnancy?

Fetal heart rate monitoring is safe in general. However, most doctors do not recommend continuous monitoring for low-risk complication pregnancies. Also, continuous electronic monitoring restricts mother�s movement, where Janitri�s pregnancy monitoring devices do not compromise mother�s mobility.

How does Janitri benefit healthcare providers in labour and delivery units?

Janitri helps doctors and nurses by automating the monitoring process, ensuring vital maternal information is consistently recorded, and providing real-time alerts for any critical situations. This allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

Can Janitri generate critical alerts based on patient data?

���Yes, Janitri is equipped to generate critical alerts by continuously monitoring patient data. It can detect abnormal vital signs or deviations from the expected progress and immediately notify the healthcare staff for timely intervention.

How does Janitri enhance the patient experience during labour and delivery?

Janitri's streamlined processes reduce the administrative burden on healthcare providers, allowing them to spend more quality time with patients. By ensuring prompt and accurate data entry and monitoring, it ultimately contributes to better patient outcomes.

How can healthcare providers get started with Janitri: For Hospitals?

To get started with Janitri, simply contact our sales or support team. We'll provide you with the necessary information, training, and assistance to implement the software in your hospital's labour and delivery unit.For any further inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.

Let's transform the pregnancy care for your patients

Our experts can work with you to configure the best solution for your hospital/clinic.

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