Keyar DT Lite

Home NST for High-Risk Mothers

A medical-grade fetal doppler to monitor your baby's health easily at home. Record your baby's heartbeat and perform Nonstress Test (NST) - anytime, anywhere.

Rent @ ₹4,900/m
- Security Deposit ₹10,000
- Delivery in 7-10 days
What Best Mothers Say About Janitri
Sakshi Patil
“Towards the end of 2nd trimester, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After that, I was always worried about the health and growth of my baby. Through my doctor, I found out about Janitri. Their home monitoring solutions helped me keep a check on my baby’s health. Thanks Janitri for bringing such solution.”
Nandini M
“Janitri’s home NST solution saved me from travelling to the hospital every 2nd day after 33rd week of my pregnancy. I was sharing regular reports with my doctor and that helped me wait till the right time for delivery. I was blessed with a healthy baby girl and can’t thank Janitri enough for help in this journey. Happy that such products are developed in India.”
Neeraj Jain
“Everything was going alright, but one fine night we didn’t feel the movement of the baby. We waited and waited, but nothing was happening. The next doctor's appointment was in the morning. We rushed to the hospital and post checkup found everything was okay, but those 12–15 hrs were very stressful for us. Later I found Janitri fetal doppler to check baby’s heart beat. It was very small and easy to use.”
“The NST device by Janitri was extremely useful for me during my pregnancy. There were a few times when I could not feel the baby movements for long periods probably due to me busy schedule. Reactive NST was extremely reassuring to me. I would definitely recommend Janitri for pregnant females”

Why Keyar DT Lite?

Regular NST monitoring enables you to track your baby's heart rate, leading to reduced anxiety and increased confidence in your pregnancy progress. Innovated especially, for high-risk mothers to avoid the hassle of frequent travel to a medical facility.

Medical Grade

ISO 13485 certified. Used and trusted by hospitals and doctors.


Mother-centric design, simple application and compact device.

Training and Support

Get virtual training and unlimited support from our experts.

Perform NST & Share Reports

Easily share reports with your doctor and get instant feedback.

Additional Features of
Keyar DT Lite

Completely wireless
Access past reports
Compact device with a case
Record baby's heartbeat sound
In-built battery
How to use Keyar DT Lite?

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What is Keyar DT Lite?

Keyar DT Lite is a medical-grade fetal doppler designed to help high-risk mothers monitor their baby's health conveniently at home. It allows you to record your baby's heartbeat and perform Nonstress Tests (NST) anytime and anywhere.

Why is Keyar DT Lite important for high-risk mothers?

Keyar DT Lite is essential for high-risk mothers because it provides a way to monitor their baby's well-being from the comfort of their home. Regular monitoring can provide peace of mind and early detection of potential issues.

Is Keyar DT Lite easy to use?

Yes, Keyar DT Lite is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It comes with clear instructions and is easy to operate, making it accessible for expecting mothers to use on their own. However Janitri�s clinical team is available to provide assistance whenever needed.

How does Keyar DT Lite work?

Keyar DT Lite uses ultrasound technology to detect and record your baby's heartbeat. It also allows you to perform NST, which involves monitoring your baby's movements and heart rate to assess their well-being.

How often should I use Keyar DT Lite?

The frequency of use may vary depending on your specific medical situation. It's essential to follow your healthcare provider's recommendations regarding monitoring intervals.

Can I record my baby's heartbeat with Keyar DT Lite?

Yes, Keyar DT Lite allows you to record your baby's heartbeat, providing you with a precious keepsake of your pregnancy journey.

Does Keyar DT Lite require any additional accessories?

No, Keyar DT Lite comes with everything you need to start monitoring your baby's health right away. There are no additional accessories required.

Where can I purchase Keyar DT Lite? Is it available for rent?

You can purchase Keyar DT Lite directly from our website or inquire about through our helpline number for availability. DT pro is now available for rent that comes with TOCO to help you in monitoring baby�s well-being more efficiently in the last days of your delivery i.e.during 9th month.

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